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Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who wish to travel to the UK, ordinary passport holders, service passport and private passport holders are required to apply for a UK visa to be able to enter the UK. Only diplomatic passports holders are exempt from UK Visa transactions for travel, provided they do not exceed 90 days within 180 days. 

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who are not travelling directly to the UK but travelling via the UK to another country must apply for a transit visa. However, if this trip is completed in 24 hours or less and all requirements relating to the visa of the other country to be travelled have been met, the person will be exempt from UK transit visa procedures. 

Those wishing to travel to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom must obtain this visa to be able to enter these countriesThis requirement is regulated by the UK Visa and Immigration Authority regime regulation. 

You cannot enter the Republic of Ireland on a UK visa. However, if the person has a valid and short term UK visitor visa and has first entered within the borders of the UK, the pass is granted. 

Since the United Kingdom is not one of the Schengen member states, citizens of the Republic of Turkey can’t enter the United Kingdom on a Schengen visa. Likewise, it is not possible to travel to Schengen member states on a UK visa. 

Those who must travel regularly to the UK for different reasons such as visit family members, receiving medical treatment or seeking medical treatment, persons engaged in academic work and scientific research or frequent job interviews can apply for a long-term visa. 

A long-term UK visa allows you to apply for different periods. A UK visa application can be made for 6 months, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years periods. However, the right to stay in the country is restricted by long-term UK Visas. Those with this visa can stay in the country for up to 6 monthsAt the end of 6 months, they have to leave the UK and come again. 


Required Documents 

The documents required for a UK visa vary according to the purpose of the travel of people wishing to travel to the UK. The UK Consulate has the right to request additional documents except the required documents required for the visa if it deems it necessary. During the visa application process, it is stated that the required documents must be made available as well as copies of the original documents. Your applications are reviewed by the UK Border Protection Agency. For this reason, all non-English documents must be submitted together with the translation. 


Application Procedures 

Visa applications are made from application centres authorised by the UK Department of home affairs. Visa applications are made from application centres (TLSContact) authorised by the UK Department of home affairs. The applicant must go to the centre where the fingerprint and photo procedures will be performed in person. 

UK visa applications are answered within 60 working days for visas requiring a session and 15 working days for others. Depending on the intensity of the applications, these periods can be extended. 

Your application result will be sent to your address in case of applications outside Istanbul and Ankara. For applications from Istanbul and Ankara, passports are delivered from the application centres. At the time of receipt of the documents, the purpose of the trip and the date of the trip should be confirmed whether there was any wrongdoing. If the visa application is rejected, they can appeal the decision if they consider it necessary by examining the reasons in the rejection petition submitted to them. 


Rejection Of Your Application 

If your visa application has been rejected, the UK Consulate or Embassy will not refund the visa application fee. In the same way, you cannot claim the refund of the UK visa fee you have deposited in your application. It is also stated that it is not possible to return the documents used in visa applications. If your application is rejected, you can apply for a UK visa again at any time. If no changes have been made to the terms after your application has been rejected, or if there is no reason for your application to be rejected, a detailed examination of the application will be correct. If your application has not been rejected because of false documents, the previous decision does not mean that the result of subsequent applications will be rejected. However, it is recommended that the application be made by considering the reasons for the rejection you received earlier and making the necessary corrections. 

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