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Ankara Agreement

What is the Ankara Agreement (ECAA)? 

Relations between Turkey and the European Union began in 1959 with Turkey’s application for membership in the European Economic Community. As a result of the negotiations, on 12 September 1963, the European Community cooperation agreement (ECAA) (Ankara Agreement) was signed in Ankara between the countries belonging to the European Common Market of the period (Germany, France and Benelux) and Turkey. The treaty, which entered into force as of 01 December 1964, provides that the laws, regulations and practices applicable to the parties at the date of signature shall also apply to the signatory countries in the following years. 

In the second article of the agreement, the aim was stated as “to encourage the rapid development of the Turkish economy and the continuous and balanced strengthening of the trade and economic relations between the parties, taking into account the need to ensure the improvement of the working level and living conditions of the Turkish people”. 

Following its accession to the EU in 1973, the same year the UK was included in the agreement, and the British Ministry of Home Affairs recognised that ECAA visas could be issued to Turkish citizens. In this context, citizens of the Republic of Turkey have earned the right to apply for a type of visa called Turkish Business Person Visa. 

Who can apply? 

Any Turkish citizen over the age of 18 who wants to start a business in the United Kingdom can apply for this type of visa. 

What are the application requirements? 

With this type of visa, it is envisaged that Turkish citizens with education, knowledge and experience in a specific field will establish their own companies in the United Kingdom and continue their activities. In this context, the first of the two basic requirements for the application is to show your knowledge, experience and skills in the field of application, and the second is to have enough capital in your bank account as cash to implement the prescribed business plan. 


For application; 

  • There is no capital limit, it varies according to the applicant’s business plan. 
  • No language requirement, 
  • No sector restrictions, 
  • There are no restrictions on the level of Education,  
  • There is no foreign language certificate requirement. 

Which occupation groups can apply? 

Depending on the work experience, it is possible to apply from all fields, but special permits and certificates are required for some professional groups. 

In this context, it is important to plan in accordance with the legislation of the United Kingdom when determining the application area. 

Under the Ankara Agreement, applicants in the United Kingdom (Wales, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland); 

  • May establish a personal business, 
  • They can take over the individual business, 
  • May establish a Limited company, 
  • They can take over Limited company, 
  • They can make Company Partnership, 
  • They can do mobile works, 


Those eligible to work in the United Kingdom with this type of visa; 


  • They cannot work with another employer or in any company insured, 
  • They cannot do any work except those specified in the business plans, 
  • They cannot benefit from unemployment benefits provided by the state for foreign citizens. 

Is it possible to work in a permanent job with this visa? 

Those who are in the UK with this type of visa are strictly prohibited from working in a permanent job. There is a need to do business to different customers by starting a business. No public employee or equivalent work (staffed) can be employed. However, after receiving an indefinite session (after the 7th year), this limitation is eliminated. 

How does the application process work? 

This type of visa can be applied free of charge from Turkey, the UK or the British consulate anywhere in the world. 

For application, the application form is filled in at web address. 

After the form is completed, the website will direct you to TLSContact and an appointment will be created. 

All documents must be uploaded to the system via the appointment page with a pdf extension until application time. 

The application is completed by taking fingerprints and photographs at the Application Center where the appointment was made. There is no interview during the appointment. 

A one-month visa is issued for people whose process results positively. This visa is generally valid from the “scheduled date of arrival in the United Kingdom” stated on the application form. Applicants are required to travel to the United Kingdom during this period to receive their one-year session cards (BRP). 

Can spouses and children be taken to England? 

Under the Ankara Agreement, those who obtain a Turkish Business Person Visa have the right to live and work in the United Kingdom, provided their spouses and children to obtain a visa. Therefore, when applying, you can apply with your spouse and underage children (who have not received 18 to 21 years of age) or apply for Ankara Agreement dependent visa for your spouse and children after your visa has been approved. While the applicant has to work in the field of work specified in the business plan, his / her spouse has the right to work in the job he/she wants. Their children can also receive free education in public schools. 

Is UK citizenship possible? 

With this agreement, people who enter the UK in the first place are initially given 1year visas. Those who are successful in their work are given a 3-year extension on their continuation. At the end of 3 years, 3-year extensions are given to those who can continue their work successfully and cover their living expenses. 

With this visa, after 5 years of work in the country, it is possible to apply for permanent residence. The application for citizenship can be made 1 year after the session indefinitely. 

What are the required documents for the application? 

The file you will apply for the Ankara Agreement Turkish Business Person Visa should be prepared in a wide range, in a way that does not leave the expectations of the other party unanswered and as necessary. Your application must also give confidence. Because, like other countries, Britain wants to trust its immigrants, who will serve in their country and will provide various opportunities in the future. For this reason, it is very important for this visa application to make your preparations with the guidance and guidance of your advisor so that your application file is in the required qualification. 


Your personal information 

  • First of all, a detailed CV, 
  • Your professional identity, 
  • Criminal record, 
  • Birth Registration Form, 
  • Marriage certificate (if you are married), 
  • Documents of movable or immovable property registered on you. 


Your education, past work experiences, references 

  • Your diplomas, courses, seminars and training certificates, 
  • Social Security Institution records, 
  • Reference letters you will receive from the people, institutions or workplaces you have worked with before, 
  • Reference letters from your colleagues, with whom you do business, 
  • Documents related to the work you do in Turkey (Trade Registry registration, signature circular, tax certificate, professional recording, etc.) 



Business Plan and Marketing Research for your business in the UK 

  • The content of the business plan prepared by a professional team should include market research, evaluations of potential competitors and customers, and financial statements describing the business you are aiming to establish. 
  • WEB page domain address, Office research, brand and logo work should be done for the company you plan to set up. 

Documents related to your capital 

  • Personal bank account movements relating to a capital set up for business in the UK (6 months)), 
  • Bank account transactions of your company (6 months)), 
  • Documents relating to the source of money. (Sales contracts, licenses, deeds, postings, etc.) 

Where can you apply from? 

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who wish to apply for the Ankara Agreement Turkish Business Person Visa can apply from Turkey or the UK (tourist, student, commercial Visa, etc.). Citizens of the Republic of Turkey who wish to establish a business in the UK with Ankara Treaty visa can apply for a visa from Turkey after obtaining the necessary documents through TLS Contact. The provinces that can be applied from Turkey are Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Gaziantep and Antalya. 

Visa application is free of charge. However, the application in Izmir and Antalya provinces is subject to additional charges. You must submit your passport to the Application Centre during your application. 

Your passport will be returned to you upon the conclusion of your application. If you apply from Istanbul, you may not surrender your passport by paying an additional fee. This application does not apply to applications from other provinces. 

When the application is concluded, passports are sent to your address by courier for applications outside of Istanbul and Ankara. When the results are announced in the applications made from Istanbul and Ankara, passports are returned to the application office. 

How does the process work after visa approval? 

It is recommended to travel to the UK within 1 month of acceptance for the Ankara Agreement. The work permit to be given to you at the first stage is 1 year. After moving, you should quickly work with an accountant to perform company setup and make it official. After the company has come to life, you must shape your business life for 1 year and sign projects in line with the business plan you offer. At the end of your first year, the company will submit countless documents such as income-expenses and bank statements to the Home Office and your future in the UK will be shaped according to your success assessment. 

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