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About the US

About the US

Founded in 2018 as a result of years of experience in education and trade, ONAN Consultancy has started to carry out visa operations throughout the UK under the roof of “Ankara Agreement Turkey” from 2019.

We are preparing the files of the companies and customers we work with both in the UK and in Turkey for visiting the UK and working visas under the Ankara Agreement without any problems and we continue to support our clients in legal and accounting issues not only before the visa but also after the visa.

Starting in 2020, we also provide support for your U.S. and Schengen visa applications.

In accordance with our understanding of working based on principles of honesty, mutual trust and communication;

We review the demand from our customers through the

  •  website and ask them to fill out a form with more detailed information to guide the process.
  • In light of the information obtained, we prepare a roadmap for how the applicant’s procedures should be carried out and share it with him/her.
  • From this point on, we carry out the necessary work with our expert team of consultants to ensure the smooth execution of the transactions.
  • We communicate with the applicant at every stage and provide information about the process.
  • Following the completion of visa procedures, we continue to provide all the support that the applicant will need in the UK in the fields of law and accounting.

We work with our experienced staff who have served in government institutions before, who have mastered the principles and procedures of official correspondence, to provide you with the highest quality service.

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